Welcome to Dr. Georges!

Welcome to Dr. Georges!

My Lectures

Fusion Cuisine

Fusion Cuisine always existed. Explorations and interactions are needed by humans. We love to experiment and enjoy it.

Food for Thoughts, Environment and Brains

Food is physical, biological, social and ethical energy. It shapes our inner and external environment, and thus the development of our brain.

Imagine ... the Future of Health

The future of health is what humans will invent, polish, shape and apply. It is still wildly unknown, but hope has been a rule for as long as Sapiens roamed the planet. It will go on, unabated.

Psychoactive Substances

Adapted from the course I taught to my Hong Kong City University students.

Mammals, but mostly humans, have always attempted to escape their miserable, stressful condition. Besides, they created rituals. This combination still exists –and flourishes- with help of mind-altering substances.

Tribute to My Father

My father was a very unusual character. His life is an incredible true novel, full of twists and turns, and fantastic achievements against all odds. But above all he was a tzadik (דיק‎‎) – although an atheist. The world misses him.

Welcome to Dr. Georges!