Time flies, and our accumulation of available, trustable, reliable knowledge is accelerating. If we care for people, we must make sure that we look at the present, and help build 
a bright future.

Begun as the Renaissance in the 1400s CE, profit and consuming driven globalized capitalism is now resented as less and less tolerable by the peoples and the planet. What can we do to salvage our wonderful conquests, while making the world a better place for all? 

New developments across neurosciences
require a complex networks approach to our brain. Language creates thought and multilingualism opens the brain to the universe. Enough to get your mind wandering!

Does consciousness even exist? Consciousness, with quantum physics could be reduced to equations, and then comes Tantai Buddhism.


As far as I can remember, I was always fascinated with food. Aren’t we all? 

Cooking - Part 1

Between Heaven and Hearth.

Cooking - Part 2

From Heaven and Hearth.

Cooking - Part 3

Are we still eating what we like?


Enjoy a comprehensive, current exploration of human physiology, metabolism and mind-body reciprocal interactions through Pleasure in Food and Sex, with side roads on the influence of media, industry and more.

Laozi and Marquis de Sade were both anarchists, freedom fighters. Time remains mysterious, and quantum biology brings us full circle via the Dao and unpredictability. Challenges will never cease.

Eukaryotic species –starting with protists- reproduce sexually, and all living organisms need food. However humans need something more: Pleasure. Humans enjoy sex first. And we only eat what we like.

Venezia bewitched me. Now a decaying courtesan, I still love her. Hong Kong is its modern (and growing) escort where I worked for the last 4 decades. Enjoy both!