The AEON 2018 Summer Harvest

It’s a truism to state that we are exquisitely built for pleasure.
Pleasure is what motivates us to do anything or …. everything.
And it brings us closer to the divine.

Essay by Georges M. Halpern, Octobre 2018


Chao ab Ordo

This Essay develops some parts of the previous one No Gods, No Masters. Indeed, from 'La Divina Commedia', to artists like Egon Schiele, to stories like 'We' or George Orwell’s owns, and exploration of our recent past, or of the sub-atomic universe, chaos or anarchy rule. The social constructions of order are in-human; the 'Dao' -and some teachings of Gautama Buddha- are liberating, and messages of love of humans and nature.
Essay by Georges M. Halpern, July 2018


No Gods, No Masters

This essay is NOT a manifesto. I have no intention to convince, convert or recruit anyone.
But these days ‘religion’ is brandished as a banner for exclusion, discrimination,
scorn, division and ultimately a call for crime.
There is another way; is it a better one? I don’t know, but it’s ‘my way’.
Essay by Georges M. Halpern, April 2018

The Environment is Everything that isn't Me

When the omnipresent media are obsessed by Harvey Weinstein’s sexual acrobatics,
the White House that resembles more everyday a Ship of Fools, the obscene interpretation of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution (dated December 15, 1791!), or the rigged Oscar awards, then the fate of our planet –our sole,
unique living world- is neglected. The wake-up call may come too late…
Essay by Georges M. Halpern, March 2018


Sleep and Dreams

One third of our life –more in babies and children- is spent on sleep.
It cleans our brain (from dead or sick neurons to ideation garbage) and
helps us live longer –to a limit. But sleep is being considered for manipulation:
from the need, to the end, and the future of sleep, good night!
Essay by Georges M. Halpern, March 2018

Art & Magic of Medicine

Although the similarities between the Magician and the Physician are many,
the first one is above all an entertainer –at times a priest, a shaman,
even a (pseudo) healer- while the doctor faces life-or-death decisions.
They could learn from each other techniques-wise, but caveat emptor!
Essay by Georges M. Halpern, February 2018


"Language is the Dress of Thought"

Language –the one we speak- is subject to influences that are growing
with advances in technology (e.g. AI) and the ‘shrinking’ of our planet.
A challenge but also a chance.
This essay provides new insights in the creation of thought.
Essay by Georges M. Halpern, January 2018

Compass for the Mind

Compasses are antiques, collector’s items.
Their contributions to the exploration of our universe is incomparable.
GPS and modern, future technologies in neurosciences could not have surged
ex nihilo; they were, are and will be built on compasses.
Essay by Georges M. Halpern, January 2018

"Foggy Beacon" : My Book of Essays

A few words of introduction 

My essays are now organized as a collection of books, more or less by topic, more or less chronologically.
In each book, clicking on a title takes the reader to the text of the essay, which can be perused online or downloaded for later reading. Enjoy!

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