The Times Of Time

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The Times of Time

Essay by Georges M. Halpern, January 2017

Time flows and we feel it. But time has many
definitions, incarnations, existences, meaning,
locations, and realities. This 2-part essay attempts
frivolously to bring some sense or understanding to
the times of time. I hope that this will not prove to be
lost time, and worth your own time.

Pupetteering the Frenzy of Desire

Essay by Georges M. Halpern, December 2016

Free will” or “freedom of choice” are just mantras – structured
formulas of thoughts. Professionals: psychologists, media gurus,
PR companies, sociologists of advertising, will make sure
that you buy, shop until you drop.
Will it last forever?

Consumer Capitalism

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Essay by Georges M. Halpern, November 2016
Progress is a word, a concept, an illusion, a dream
(or a nightmare), a myth, and some.
But it is exquisitely and uniquely human.
Homo sapiens created and nurtured Progress.
What it will be belongs to us and our successors.
Be aware and vigilant.

"Fusion Cooking"

My most recent lecture at the "East of West, West of East"  Conference,  
Nanyang Technological University - Para Limes, Singapore 
(October 17-19, 2016)

The Reign of Ignoramuses

Essay by Georges M. Halpern, October 2016


Ganders parade everywhere: on podiums, screens, airwaves,
social media. They claim to know and offer (their) solutions.
Swimming against the tide is arduous but healthy.
Come and dive!

I Know Nothing...

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"Foggy Beacon"

I started this series in 2014 to collect and deepen my thoughts on various topics
when they came to my mind.

Without any specific order, these essays range from Chinese philosophy and thought, to memories, and –of course!- cooking and pleasure. Neurosciences were my first passion; now they are back with amazing discoveries that may well change everything human.

My collaboration-at-large with the Para Limes Institute of NTU has also widely open my quest and it shows: political issues, economics, language, East-West differences and connections, -the list is long. And more essays are on the way: stay tuned!

But all this research, thinking and writing would have Gone With The Wind if it were not the permanent support, guidance and computer skills of Yves P. Huin; in reading these pieces, you are also witnessing his contribution.

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