Art & Magic of Medicine

Although the similarities between the Magician and the Physician are many,
the first one is above all an entertainer –at times a priest, a shaman,
even a (pseudo) healer- while the doctor faces life-or-death decisions.
They could learn from each other techniques-wise, but caveat emptor!
Essay by Georges M. Halpern, February 2018


"Language is the Dress of Thought"

Language –the one we speak- is subject to influences that are growing
with advances in technology (e.g. AI) and the ‘shrinking’ of our planet.
A challenge but also a chance.
This essay provides new insights in the creation of thought.
Essay by Georges M. Halpern, January 2018

Compass for the Mind

Compasses are antiques, collector’s items.
Their contributions to the exploration of our universe is incomparable.
GPS and modern, future technologies in neurosciences could not have surged
ex nihilo; they were, are and will be built on compasses.
Essay by Georges M. Halpern, January 2018


The Arthashastra of Chanakya

Wisdom is nowhere, replaced by one-liners and gut-wrenching inane slogans.
Chanakya (350-283 BCE) would be welcome today as he was
as Chief Minister of Chandragupta, the founder of the Mauryan Empire.
Essay by Georges M. Halpern, December 2017

Odysseus, Always and Today

The recently published, versified, translation of the Odyssey by Emily Wilson is a revelation. The central Hero, Odysseus (or Ulysses) comes alive and is possibly more relevant today than we ever imagined. Let us revisit this hero of all times.
Essay by Georges M. Halpern, December 2017


Banana or Egg?

There is only one single human race, but we are all hybrids, mixed-race.
The more cultures we benefit from, the better our chances of success.
Essay by Georges M. Halpern, November 2017

The 2017 Summer Harvest

No one needs a reminder of Albert Einstein prophetic sentence: Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.
We could be depressed, angry, furious justifiably by watching the politicians
of all sorts and avowed opinions.
Save your catecholamines, and find (some) solace in ancient wisdom.

Essay by Georges M. Halpern, September 2017


Journey Inside the Mind

Most humans have always searched who they are, where do they come from,
and have asked (too) many other ‘existential’ questions. They used mind-altering
substances to dig 
deeper in their mind (or was it soul?); but –so far- to no avail.  
However, we can now  know much more, and possibly help –even cure- those of us
who are ‘losing their mind’.

Essay by Georges M. Halpern, August 2017

"O Tempora! O Mores!"

 Cleaning and cleanliness have rules, albeit diverse interpretations. These days, in our evermore crowded cities, we all depend on hygiene, public and environmental health.  It is a convoluted trail, with twists and turns, but a life-saving one.

Essay by Georges M. Halpern, June 2017


Human Intelligence

The genetic, epigenetic and the myriad of environmental influences make each case of Human Intelligence unique. Now AI (artificial intelligence) and recent events triggered me to ask myself if, indeed, all humans qualify as intelligent?
You decide.

Essay by Georges M. Halpern, June 2017


Men are from Mars.
Women are from Venus

Transgender are from Earth.
And Children are from Heaven.

Essay by Georges M. Halpern, May 2017

"Foggy Beacon" : My Book of Essays

A few words of introduction 

My essays are now organized as a collection of books, more or less by topic, more or less chronologically.
In each book, clicking on a title takes the reader to the text of the essay, which can be perused online or downloaded for later reading. Enjoy!

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